Friday, November 15, 2013

Minutes of the club formerly known as Gitman Holland Cycle Club

The board of directors of Gitman Holland met in total secrecy at our world headquarters recently and deemed our very core structure to be one of goodness. We also liked the Carne Asada. That goodness coupled with people's desire for more goodness all the time, in every conceivable way, allowed the board to make a huge decision. One that will affect all goodness and kindness in the world. We're changing our name. And NOT to Carne Asada. 

We the board have not voted on the name, because to do so would require us to be responsible. We also have not paid rent, which is why we met in a mexican restaurant. We don't have ride leaders, we don't have a set location for rides, nor a set time, we don't use electronic gizmos or stone tablets to record our mileage or elevation gain. And we certainly don't have club dues. We are the former riders of Gitman Holland. 

Because of this, a name was selected by a secret committee. One that was paid handsomely. Most likely from the salsa bar. The name shall be irresponsibles cycle club. We shall be forever known as the club who couldn't make a decision… we couldn't even finish this letter. Suffice it to say, we are irresponsible, and we'd rather be riding bikes. 

Rule 1: 
We decree that irresponsibles cycle club shall always be lower case. To add an uppercase to any part of our name would connote a social standing we only strive for. 

Rule 2:
We do not pay dues. We might have to pay taxes, but no dues

Rule 3:
We ride bikes. We might talk a good game, but we also ride a good game and we do so with grace and good humor and a smile.

Rule 4:
The first person to the store buys the water and ice. (that's been bugging me for awhile now)

Rule 5:
HTFU, in case you need a refresher… LINK

Rule 6:
All riders are self sufficient. Bring lunch money, a tube, a pump, nutrition and a good attitude if something doesn't go well for you. 

Rule 7:
We won't have more than 10 guiding rules

Rule 8:

Rule 9:
Larry Gitman and Bill Holland are saints. Canonization is in process and anyone who sees them on the road shall doff their cap in their general direction… unless you don't want to, 

Rule 10:
Rain or shine. We ride. 


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