Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mt. Laguna via Kitchen Creek Ride **CANCELLED**

ATTENTION: After consulting the irresponsibles security council, Saturday's ride has been cancelled. Forecasts show nastiness in every inch of the county. By past experience, no one will show up anyway except some new person wondering why we are such wusses. So better to fess up to wussdom and simply throw in the towel. However, please post how you spent your free saturday. Your trainer session or your own rain ride route. We want to know that you didn't just sit in bed and enjoy a weekend morning off with a loved one. 

DESCRIPTION: A number of riders are meeting in the motel parking lot in Pine Valley on Saturday, September 14, 2013, to begin riding the Laguna Triangle (via Kitchen Creek) at 8:00 A.M. The route will take Old Highway 80 East, left on Kitchen Creek to the store at the top of Mount Laguna for a quick stop. Then the ride will continue down the backside of Mount Laguna to left on SR79 (with a quick refueling stop at the Lake Cuyamaca store), then back south to left on Old Highway 80 through Guatay and back into Pine Valley via a left at Pine Creek (before the bridge) and looping through the neighborhood back to the motel parking lot. The ride is about 60 miles with 6,000 vertical feet of climbing. The route is gorgeous. Kitchen Creek is one of the premier HC climbs in San Diego county and features gates on the top and bottom providing us a remote climb without traffic.  The pace will be moderate. If those present feel particularly energetic, the back portion of the ride can be extended, by about 11 miles and 1,350 vertical feet by adding Julian/Engineers Road. Be there for a 8:00A.M. launch.

CAUTION: This is iffy scheduling Kitchen Creek in December due to weather concerns. If it looks like snow or there is snow accumulation from weather this week, look for an updated route recommendation in our Thursday email.

DIRECTIONS: Pine Valley Motel parking lot. Interstate 8 east, Pine Valley exit. Google Maps link.

WEATHER: We are now into San Diego's colder months. Better to be warm and shed layers than be cold. We can experience 35 degree temperature changes from the time we roll out to the time we finish. Pine Valley starts are sometimes in the high 30's.  Weather at Start/Finish.

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  1. this is like one those amazingtrip that should be a must do in everyones list. i can not wait to get going with the gang. keep us updated for further notices