Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New ways to be irresponsible!


The single best way to be updated on upcoming rides is to signup for our weekly email list. We send it out the week before with the date, time, location and route of our ride. No rsvp's necessary. The only dues in the irresponsibles cycle club is your email address. The government already has it, so what's the big deal, we want it too!

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Twitter: @irresponsiblesc

We have sworn off our stone tablets and hand carved wheels and are doubling down on high tech conveniences like Di2 and social networking tools like Twitter. Follow us for the latest on our rides, but also follow for the antics of our aging, lycra wearing colleagues as they face uncertain physical tests on mostly two wheeled bicycles around the world. Should be entertaining. Also, use #irresponsiblesc on any post and your best friends will giggle all the time.


We are in the process of setting up a new page on Facebook. It will change the current page, and you might need to link and 'like' to be connected. Obviously even the irresponsibles know that Facebook is a juggernaut of cat photos and pictures of alcohol. We obviously need a presence here as anyone will tell you. Location, Location, Location.


The intersection of stupid and manly. No not Alabama, we're talking Strava. Where a KOM is like a big deal. But so many of our riders are not just on Strava, they live there. If pizza could be delivered, they would never leave to ride again. But for the rest of us, we should point out that we are now a 'club' on Strava. If you imbibe in the electronic equivalent of 'whose bike pump is bigger', you'll love checking in here.

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