Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thanksgiving Climbfest is Back!

Back by popular demand, this Thanksgiving Day, please plan to ride the 4th Annual Turkey Day Climbfest on Mt. Soledad. It's the perfect way to build an appetite and still get you home in time to face the onslaught of family, calories and football. 

This year the event will be hosted by MOFO Climber Extraordinaire Isak Reines and his Peeps. Isak will insure that you will begin your day by working up an appetite and see who is boss. To make things interesting, this ride will determine the 2013 King and Queen of Soledad Mt. We expect to see several luminaries of the climbing world in action (if they can get out of bed). 

The Start: 8AM Pannikin Cafe on Girard Ave in La Jolla.

The Scoop: The scoop here is to have the group starts together at the bottom of each climb, re-grouping at the cross (this will be important for safety and keeping it social) with neutral descents on/off each pass, this is not a race but a Climbing Contest (if you will) so let the action happen on the climb. Otherwise, just suffer through another epic workout. 

The Contest: This will be a points system. Upon finishing each climb at the Cross, results of each climb will be recorded. For each climb 1st place is 5 points, 2nd place is 4 points....etc. After the last Climb, points will be tallied to determine the King and Queen of Soledad.

All 5 Climbs will loop the Cross and should total roughly 20 miles with 4000 vertical ft. of climbing (there will be several 12-14% grades).

Awards: The 2013 King and Queen of Soledad Mtn. will be presented with awards as well as 2nd and 3 places to round out the podium.

The 5 Climbs: 
  • Climb 1 Romero: From Pannikin Cafe...over to Virginia Way to Exchange to Country Club and up.....Romero/Brodeae/Encelia/*walking gates/Via Casa Alta to the Cross. 
  • Climb 2 Via Capri: From the Cross drop down Via Capri to LJ Pkwy light then return back up Via Capri/ to the Cross. 
  • Climb 3 Pacifica: From the Cross drop down LJ Scenic left on Soledad Mtn Road left at turn before Garnet and return via Pacifica back to Soledad Mtn Road/LJ Scenic to the Cross. 
  • Climb 4 The Summit: From the Cross drop down to Windansea Beach via Nautilus and return up Nautilus left at Via Valverde/LJ Summit/Via Casa Alta to the Cross. 
  • Climb 5 Cardeno: From the Cross drop down LJ Scenic right at LJ Mesa drop down and turn left at Agate St. left at Cardeno and back up to LJ Scenic to the Cross.
Route Link:  Thanks Steve Waits

Finish: The ride ends at the Cross atop Mt. Soledad after the last climb where awards will be presented.


1) Descending Via Capri before Climb #2 (rough road, very fast)

2) Turning left off Soledad Mt. Rd. approaching the Pacifica Climb #3, merge left soon.

3) Turning left off Nautilus on to Via Valverde approaching Climb #4, cars back!

4) Slippery! Water at right turn off LJ Scenic on to La Jolla Mesa descending to Climb #5 

This ride has always offered some good grins and a memorable morning. I hope all of you can make/dig it. Dig deep and eat big.

I will be thinking about you as I will be out of town and not be able to make it this year.


Bob Andrews

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