Friday, December 20, 2013

Jan 4 We Visit Ben At The Desert Tower

WHEN: Saturday, January 4, 2014, our first ride of the new year!

DESCRIPTION: A number of us are meeting in the motel parking lot in Pine Valley on Saturday, January 4, to ride to the Desert Tower (and check in with Ben) via Buckman Springs/SR94, departing Pine Valley at 8:00 A.M. The route will begin heading east on Old Highway 80 to Buckman Springs Road. We'll go right onto Buckman Springs Road and then left onto State Route 94 to Boulevard, where we'll stop at the Boulevard Y Store (intersection of SR94 and OH80) for a quick refueling. Then we will continue east on OH80 through Jacumba and on to the Desert Tower for a quick stop and visit with Ben Schultz, the owner of the Tower. We will then return by backtracking to Boulevard where we'll stop at the other Boulevard Store (on our right as we go through Boulevard). Then we will either: (Option 1) continue on OH80 up to the Golden Acorn Casino and turn left on OH80 continuing back to the motel parking lot in Pine Valley or (Option 2) veer left off of OH80 onto HWY 94 in Boulevard and then right onto La Posta Road and then follow La Posta Road to OH80, turning left on to OH80 and following it back to the motel parking lot in Pine Valley. 

The ride is about 78 miles with about 6,000 vertical feet of climbing assuming return via Option 1. The route is very scenic. The pace will be moderate. Bring your camera, the UFO universe seems to be growing. Some of you may choose to shorten this ride to about 50 miles by turning left at the Boulevard Y Store on the way out and return straight back via OH80. You, of course, can create any shorter distance by merely going out and back. Return via Option 2 will add about 6 miles and 500 vertical feet of climbing, resulting in a ride of about 84 miles with about 6,500 vertical feet of climbing. I hope to see you in Pine Valley for a 8:00 A.M. launch.

WEATHER: The weather will be most likely very chilly at the start in Pine Valley and the subsequent drop in elevation as we head downhill before a proper warm up. This route keeps us from climbing into the ice/snow on Mt. Laguna, but get's us away from city traffic. Please check the weather before you go, and bring more clothes than you think you need. Forecast


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